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With the Zomee Fit you can enjoy pumping anytime and anywhere. This wearable pump is quiet enough (under 48 dB) to wear during your busy life for discrete milk collection. Each pump includes a soft silicone breast shield and two sizes of inserts for a more comfortable pumping experience. Each collection container holds up to 5 ounces of breast milk, and there is a lid for easy storage. The Fit has the same anti-backflow protection that all of our Zomee pumps are designed with, preventing leaks and ensuring that every drop of milk pumped is not wasted. Pumping hands free never felt so good!

Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump

    • (2) 25mm Breast Shields
    • (2) 21mm Breast Shield Inserts
    • (2) 17mm Breast Shield Inserts
    • (2) Pump Motors
    • (2) Breast Shield Bodies
    • (2) Diaphragms
    • (2) 150ml Collection Containers
    • (2) Collection Container Lids
    • (4) Seal Rings
    • (4) Duckbill Valves
    • (2) Type-C Charging Cable
    • (2) Bra Adjusters
    • Collection Container Brush
    • English + Spanish Manual
    • Nipple Ruler + Guide
    • Hospital Grade Strength
    • Leak Proof
    • 2+ Hours Battery Life 
    • Reaches 260MMHG- 26~ 100CPM
    • 9 Levels Stimulation
    • 9 Levels Expression
    • 9 Levels 2-Phase Mode (mimicks way baby feeds from mom giving mom extra stimulation for quicker let down)
    • Memory Function (Remembers the last setting)
    • Auto LED Screen Lock (After 30 seconds, screen goes off automatically)
    •  2 Mins Auto-Switch from Stimulation to Expression  
    • Display LED Screen (display of mode, battery status & levels)
    • Quiet
    • Soft Liquid Silicone Breast Shield- sizes 17/21/25MM in the box 
    • Anti-Backflow System 
    • BPA + Phthalate Free  

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