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  • Reliable Maternity | Breast Pumps Through Insurance

    Ask your customer support representative about HSA/FSA payment options! Begin your breastfeeding journey the Reliable way Providing insurance covered breast pumps, supplies, and lactation counseling across New England Order through insurance About who we are At Reliable Maternity, we prioritize wellness. Reliable Maternity is a part of the Reliable family of healthcare solutions. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and top-of-the-line equipment for all new parents. ​ Based in Norwood, MA, we are one of the leading independently-owned providers of specialty medical equipment and home respiratory supplies in the United States. Learn more featured pumps No insurance? No problem. all of our pumps are available for private pay purchase, contact us for pricing Browse catalog Quick View Zomee Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump Quick View Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump Quick View Spectra S2 Plus Double Electric Breast Pump our trusted brands parents say Reliable Stories "So grateful that Reliable Maternity was able to coordinate my insurance benefits to get the best coverage for the breast pump"

  • Mothers' Milk Depot Grand Opening | Reliable Maternity

    Back Mothers' Milk Bank Depot Grand Opening December 7, 2022 We are so grateful to be working with Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast to open the first Milk Depot in Norwood. We hosted a grand opening at our office in Norwood, MA to celebrate the official opening of the milk depot. We were joined by teammates and volunteers from Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast, Moving Violations Motorcycle Club Boston (Bikers for Babies), and members of our Reliable team! We were honored to welcome our first milk donor and her son to kick start the depot. Learn More View more Official Press Release Mothers' Milk Bank Blog Post on Depot Opening gallery

  • Who We Are | Reliable Maternity

    who we are About the Reliable family our story Reliable Maternity is a part of the Reliable family of healthcare solutions. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and top-of-the-line equipment for all new parents. ​ Our mission is to empower, educate, and support parents throughout their breastfeeding journey and beyond by offering lactation counseling, educational resources, support for breastmilk donations, and more. ​ Based in Norwood, MA, we are one of the leading independently-owned providers of specialty medical equipment and home respiratory supplies in the United States.​ We service all of New England with knowledgeable specialists to provide advice and support directly to our patients. our values Empower We want to supply parents with the tools and knowledge they need to feel in-charge of their breastfeeding journey. Educate We are determined to inform and provide resources to parents so that they can take control of their overall health and wellness. Support We want to continue to build a community of parents who are there to support each other and lean on one another. our customer care team LISA Director of Health and Wellness and Certified Lactation Counselor Mom of five • Therapy Dog Handler • Runner • Ocean Lover • Women's Health & Fitness Enthusiast HANNAH Operations Manager and Certified Lactation Counselor Mom of two • Rescue-dog Mom • NE Patriots Superfan • Passionate Home Cook • Chocolate Lover YULIYA Human Resources Director Mom of one • Cat Lover • Chocolate Superfan • Beach Lover • Amateur Chef MOLLY Human Resources Manager Sister • Aunt • Reality TV Superfan • Wannabe Professional Organizer • Chocolate Obsessed MARY BETH Human Resources Generalist Rescue-Dog Mom • Music Lover • Singer & Guitar Player • Travel Enthusiast SHONDA Human Resources Coordinator New England Native • Foodie • Shoe Lover • Proud Owner of 2 Stray Cats • Avid Reader SHELLY Project Specialist Mom of one • Animal Lover • Gamer • Coffee Superfan • Martial Arts Enthusiast SARA Design Lead Sister • Athlete • Foodie • Passionate About Optimizing Women's Health EMMA Project Specialist and Design Team Sister • World Traveler • Active Living Enthusiast • Matcha Lover • Mental Health Advocate EMILIA Customer Success Coordinator Hungarian • Bird Lover • Dancer • Art Enthusiast • Gymnast explore See how we're getting involved Learn more about how we are getting involved in the community with some amazing organizations! Click Here Explore our resources Check out our thoughtfully designed resources for patients and healthcare providers. Click Here Meet the Reliable Family of Healthcare Solutions Reliable Diabetes Care Reliable Respiratory Reliable Urology Care

  • Falmouth Road Race | Reliable Maternity

    Back Falmouth Road Race August 21, 2022 This past August we participated in the Falmouth Road Race as an Official Sponsor. We had a great time getting to meet and speak with so many runners at the expo pre-race day. We were also able to raffle off a lactation care kit. Some of our teammates even jumped in and ran. We had a great time and we hope to be back in 2023! Learn More gallery

  • Milk Depot Drop Off | Reliable Maternity

    Help fragile babies in need by donating milk Reliable Maternity & Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast We are so grateful to be working with Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast as a drop off depot for milk donations. We subscribe to Mothers' Milk Bank's mission to provide support to fragile babies in need. As a drop off depot, we help to increase accessibility to milk donors. All donations will be shipped to Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast from the Reliable Maternity Headquarters in Norwood, MA within the following business day. From there, Mothers' Milk Bank will process the donations and deliver them to hospitals and other locations where they will be fed to fragile babies. To donate breast milk you must be registered with Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast. If you are not already registered, please use the button below to go to the website to register. Register

  • Healthcare Providers | Reliable Maternity

    Healthcare Providers Scroll below to download the prescription form for your patients Healthcare Providers Download the Reliable Maternity prescription form below. Please print, complete it for your patient, and then sign and fax it to 781-987-8206 . ​ One of our team members will be in touch with your patient to help them find a breast pump that is best for them. Download Standard Prescription Download Mass Health Prescription

  • Boston 10k for Women | Reliable Maternity

    Back Boston 10k for Women October 8, 2022 In October we participated as the Official Breast Pump Partner for the Boston 10k Women. We were grateful to offer the race's first lactation station that acted as a safe space providing privacy and comfort for lactating individuals to pump or breastfeed pre, during, or post race. We were also able to raffle off a lactation care kit. We had a wonderful time meeting so many individuals and working with Conventures, Inc. to make this happen. Even some of our teammates got to participate in the race! We look forward to coming back in 2023. Learn More View more Official Press Release Social Announcement gallery

  • Past Events | Reliable Maternity

    View Our Past Events Boston Children's Corporate Cup July 2023 Learn More Boston Children's Eversource Walk June 2023 Learn More Boston Children's Yoga Reaches Out April 2023 Learn More Falmouth Road Race August 2022 Learn More Event Spotlights Back to all events

  • Lactation Support | Reliable Maternity

    Intro Lactation Counseling Schedule at time to meet with one of our certified lactation counselors for support on your breastfeeding journey Save My Spot Free Lactation Counseling Reliable Maternity offers free lactation counseling sessions for Reliable Maternity customers. Our certified lactation counselors are here to support your lactation journey. As moms who have both breastfed multiple children, Hannah and Lisa have first-hand experience including certified training as lactation counselors. Fill out the form below to schedule a time to meet with them. How does it work? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Fill out the verification form below Schedule a counseling appointment Once verified, you will receive an email with a link to schedule time to meet with Hannah or Lisa Have your virtual counseling session Get your questions answered during your virtual meeting or phone call with Hannah or Lisa Jotform Meet our Counselors LISA Mom of five • Therapy Dog Handler • Runner • Ocean Lover • Women's Health & Fitness Enthusiast HANNAH Mom of two • Chocolate Lover • Rescue-dog Mom • NE Patriots Superfan • Passionate Home Cook

  • News & Press | Reliable Maternity

    News & Press Reliable Maternity As featured in... January 2023 “We are grateful and delighted to be partnering with the team at Reliable Maternity,” Deborah Youngblood, Executive Director of Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast said." January 2023 "Lisa Falkson, a Certified Lactation Counselor at Reliable Maternity and mother of five, wanted to combine her interest in health and fitness with the company’s desire to give back to the community." January 2023 "...we’re empowering women to be active and not let anything hold you back. There’s a way to figure things out. And we’re glad we can help with that,” said Falkson." December 2022 "....we couldn’t do the work we do without partners like Reliable Maternity and we certainly couldn’t do it without the incredible women who so selflessly give the gift of their milk, time and energy to help babies in need." June 2022 "Conventures, Inc. today proudly announced that Reliable Maternity will become the official Breast Pump Partner of the 46th running of the Boston 10K for Women, presented by REI Co-op."

  • FAQ's | Reliable Maternity

    Frequently Asked Questions Do I really need a pump? Only you can decide that. Everyone's situation is unique, so it is important to evaluate your lifestyle and needs. Will you be going out or working outside of your home after the baby is born? If yes, and you are planning on continuing to breast feed, then a pump would be a must-have. This is because it will allow you to prevent painful engorgement and maintain your supply to meet your baby's needs. Pumps can also be helpful to maintain your supply, Sometimes your baby may not nurse, or you may be dealing with an illness or medication that isn't safe for breastfeeding. How do I know which pump is right for me? There is no "wrong" answer. While there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" pump, there are several pumps available that will accommodate your needs. With that being said, there are still some things you will want to consider to help determine what is right for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself (the order of importance depends on your lifestyle and needs): Your needs and lifestyle - Will you need portability? Is discreet pumping needed? Loudness - Does the noise level matter? Pumps are generally quiet, but some are quieter than others. Price point - what is the maximum you wish to spend? Which pumps will your insurance cover? Comfort - Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. What is comfortable for some is not for others. Does the pump you like offer a variety of flange sizes? Time - How much time will you have for your pumping sessions? How long you breastfeed and pump depends on your unique situation. Strength and Variability - While all pumps serve the same function, many pumps offer a variety of settings to assist with speed, comfort, and ease of use. When do I start pumping? This will vary depending on the situation, but it is recommended to wait until you and the baby have become comfortable with breast feeding (often around four weeks old). If your baby is having trouble with breastfeeding, is in the NICU, or you wish to pump exclusively, then there is no need to wait. Ultimately, it will depend on what is best for you and your baby. Will it hurt? You may feel a little uncomfortable when starting out (about 10-15 seconds) as your nipples start to stretch, but pumping should not hurt. You may experience some tenderness of the nipple especially as your milk releases (or "let's down"). If you experience pain you should pause, check to make sure the sizing is correct and try a lower setting. If the pain continues, it is best to reach out for a consult. Someone gave me their pump, is it okay to use? Bacteria and viruses from the previous owner could get trapped inside the pump. This could be potentially hazardous to your baby's health, even with repeated sterilization. The only pumps that can be shared safely are those labeled "Hospital Grade Multi User." For these pumps each user needs their own sterile kit which contains tubing and collection bottles. We do not recommend borrowing or using someone else's personal pump, unless it is still sealed in its original packaging. How do I clean my breast pump? It is best to wash all parts that encounter breast milk in warm water and dish soap. You will also want to make sure these parts are sterilized for use, please refer to the manufacturer's guide for the best procedure. Remember it is best to replace tubing and flanges every few months to avoid breakdown. A clean breast pump means safe breast milk, so it's best to try to develop a routine for keeping it clean. Do I need a prescription? A prescription is only needed if you want to proceed through insurance. If you wish to pay out-of-pocket, no prescription is necessary. Can I use my FSA/HSA to pay? Yes, you can! When will I receive my pump? Can I pick it up? At Reliable Maternity, we endeavor to ship every order the day that it is received. Usually, orders that are placed prior to 11:00am EST will ship the same day. If your order requires expedited shipping, please call us at (866) 551-3335 so that we can find a solution that meets your needs. Orders are processed Monday through Friday. We do not fulfill orders on the following holidays: New Year's Day 4th of July Martin Luther King Jr. Day Labor Day President's Day Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving Memorial Day Christmas We do not fulfill orders to resale companies, and we reserve the right to cancel your order if we believe that you are buying on behalf of a re-seller. Shipping Options Free Standard Shipping - Via Standard Shipping, your order should reach you within 4-7 business days of leaving our facility 2-Day Shipping - 2-Day Expedited Shipping is available for a flat fee of $25 on select orders Priority Next Weekday Shipping - Priority Next Weekday Shipping is available for a flat fee of $50 on select orders High value orders ($250+) will require a signature upon delivery How do I know what size flange I need? Let's be real, size does matter. There are a wide range of flange sizes, but most breast pumps only come with one or two "starter sizes". You may in fact need a smaller or bigger size to start, and for some, you may need a different size for each side. Having the correct size is important for a comfortable experience. Keep in mind that your size may change once your baby is born and you begin your breastfeeding and pumping journey. The flange will create a seal around the areola. The nipple should be able to move freely within the tube. Each pump offers slightly different sizing, so it is best to check the manufacturer's site to determine the proper size. If they don't offer the size you need you will want to look for one that can accommodate. Finding the right size and accessories can take some trial and error, but rest assured our team at Reliable is here to help! When do I need more supplies? Breast pumps and supplies wear over time. The amount of time you spend pumping can affect this, but the recommendation is to replace your pump supplies every 90 days. This includes flanges, tubing, and collection bottles. Not all supplies wear at the same time so you may need to replace some more than others. Watch for: Stretching: You may notice your tubing has thin spots or is starting to split Buildup: No matter how much you clean and sanitize, you will start to see evidence of bacteria buildup or residue, especially in the hard-to-reach areas like tubing Decline in pump function: As your parts wear down, you may find they don't fit together as snugly as before, creating leaks and a decline in suction

  • Private Pay | Reliable Maternity

    Private Pay Purchase Please read the instructions and fill out the form below! Instructions for private pay Follow the steps below to make your purchase! Once the form is submitted, a Reliable Maternity team member will get back to you within the next business day to complete your order. Fill out the form below with your information Be sure to include the products you would like to purchase using private pay Submit! Fill out the form

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